Nano & Micro Laser Peel

          Micro Peel

          Micro Peel

Over time the effects of aging in the skin begin to show on every face. Skin becomes thinner, spots and wrinkles appear and scarring can occur.  Advances in laser technology have now made available a Microlaser peel a great option for people who want significant improvements to their skin with the minimum in down time.


A MicroLaser Peel is considered a-partial-to-full epidermal peel that removes 20 to 50 microns of facial skin and is a step between microdermabrasion and the stronger procedures. MicroLaser Peel removes a layer of facial skin about the thickness of a piece of notebook paper. Its aim is to remove facial flaws that make you look older. So wrinkles, scars, acne scars, keratoses (pre-cancerous lesions,) or pigmentary problems are removed by zapping the outermost layer of skin. But the time out for recovery from MicroLaser Peel and returning to normal activities is only about three days. Results? New, soft layers of skin grow to replace the old skin.

A Micro-Laser peel is different to traditional skin re-surfacing. For one thing, it is done after the application of local anaesthetic cream alone, no injections are usually necessary. Patients heal in a fraction of the time. There is less skin oozing and much less post-operative swelling.

Typically a patient can expect 3 days of redness and in most cases, people are back to work and normal in 5 days. Have the procedure on Thursday and back to work on Monday.

What a Microlaser Peel will do for your skin

•Improve skin texture

•Improve the appearance of acne scars

•Give your skin a more youthful look

Advantages of a Microlaser Peel

•Microlaser peels have fewer side-effects than traditional laser peels

•They can be used on the hands and neck as well as the face

•Healing is more rapid than traditional peels with less bruising, swelling and redness

•Microlaser peels can be performed with just a local anaesthetic cream

Who will benefit from a Microlaser peel?

Anyone wishing to reduce or delay the signs of aged skin, postpone more aggressive surgical treatments or prolong the results of previous laser treatments can benefit from microlaser peels. Remember, a microlaser peel can be repeated at a few months to maintain and improve the benefits of the first treatment.