What to do about my Neck?

It happens to all of us.  As we age we lose definition in our neck, whether it is fullness from weight gain or sagging loose skin from weight loss or aging.   So what are our options?

Kybella (In office Injections)

Kybella is an FDA approved injection to help dissolve fat and tighten skin.  In the initial trials 4 to 6 injections were required for results seen below.  There can be soreness and swelling and occasionally changes in sensation lasting a few days to a few weeks.  Each injection is about $1200-$1500, so for 4 injections about $4800-$7200. 


Exilis Elite (Skin Tightening) 

Exilis is a heat based treatment that utilizes radiofrquency to melt fat and tighten skin.  The results can be significant, but not everyone has the same degree of improvement.  Each treatment is about 20 minutes and is painless, with 3-4 treatments required for the best result, each about a week apart.  There is no downtime or noted side effects.  Each treatment is $400 (or $1200 for a Package of 4) 



Liposuction is great for removing the fullness of the neck (excess fatty tissue) and the ultrasonic system used also generates heat in the deeper tissues to aid in skin tightening.  This a quick procedure performed in the operating room.  Our price is $1500 not including Anesthesia/OR Fees.  There is minimal downtime, and discomfort. 



Neck Lift Procedure

Certainly, this provides the most dramatic improvement in the neck and lower face.  However, this is also an outpatient surgical procedure.  As such there is approximately 1-2 weeks of downtime depending on the initial swelling and bruising present.  Muscles are tightened, fat is suctioned away, fat is injected if needed, and excess skin removed.   The incision typically runs around the ear and is well hidden.  Approximate cost including OR/Anesthesia is about $6500.