What causes Cellulite?

One of the most common concerns patients have is cellulite.  It affects most everyone: young and old, thin or overweight.  The culprits are fibrous bands that connect the deeper layer of the skin to underlying musculature that help keep skin from sliding around.  They are more plentiful in certain areas like your upper thigh or buttock areas. 

When these bands shorten, or the intervening fatty tissue thickens you can have dimpling of the skin in these areas.  Patients with increased skin laxity with age or weightloss can see worsening of cellulite. 

While there is currently not a perfect treatment for everyone, there are treatments available.  Most center around breaking up those pesky fibrous bands with liposuction, lasers, or needles;  others focus on decreasing the thickness of the fatty subcutaneous tissues and/or tightening the skin.