What to do about Acne Scars?

Many of us have residual scarring on our faces or bodies from acne during our younger years. I'd like to run thru several newer techniques that can be used to improve the appearance of acne and acne scarring:

Ongoing Acne/Early Scarring

In our practice using new RadioFrequency or RF treatments can go a long way toward improving or minimizing acne and early scarring. Generally monthly or weekly treatments can be performed that just take about 10 minutes. The RF energy is delivered to the deeper skin layers with minimal damage to the epidermis or outer skin layers, allowing for a very rapid recovery. Usually the treatment sites are not noticeable after a day or two. Look at the improvement seen in these examples:


These treatments can be performed in conjunction with other acne treatments even while on Acutance. RadioFrequency treatments are 'color blind' and can be used on dark or tanned skin types. Package of 5 treatments is $1200, or $300 per treatment.

Established Acne Scarring

Fortunately there are multiple options for treating established acne scarring, that can be tailored to the individual patient. TCA Cross, Subscision, Filler Injections, Excisions, and Fractional CO2 or Full Ablative Erbium Resurfacing. Redness or Post-Inflammatory changes can be minimized with Vascular Lasers.


All of these treatments can also be performed in the office with topical anesthesia.  Full facial resurfacing takes 7-10 days to heal, and more than one treatment may be requires.  Fractional CO2 treatments take slightly less time to heal but redness may last several weeks. Procedures range from $500 to $1500 per treatment.


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